1. Minister of Defence – Hon. George Mpombo, MP 2. Minister of Finance and National Planning – Hon. Situmbeko Musokotwane, MP 3. Minister of Home Affairs – Hon. Dr. Kalombo Mwansa, MP 4. Minister of Health – Hon. Kapembwa Simbao, MP 5. Minister of Foreign Affairs – Hon. Kabinga Pande, MP 6. Minister of Agriculture & Co-operatives – Hon. Dr. Brian Chituwo, MP 7. Minister of Justice – Hon. George Kunda, MP 8. Minister of Local Government and Housing – Hon. Ben Tetamashimba, MP 9. Minister of Gender and Development – Hon. Sarah Sayifwanda, MP 10. Minister of Commerce, Trade & Industry – Hon. Felix Mutati , MP 11. Minister of Communication and Transport – Hon. Dora Siliya, MP 12. Minister of Community Development and Social Services – Hon. Michael Kaingu, MP 13. Minister of Education – Hon. Prof. Geofrey Lungwangwa, MP 14. Minister of Energy and Water Development – Hon. Kenneth Konga, MP 15. Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services – Hon. Lt. Gen. Ronnie Shikapwasha, MP 16. Minister of Labour and Social Security – Hon. Austin Liato, MP 17. Minister of Lands – Hon. Ronald Mukuma, MP 18. Minister of Mines and Minerals Development – Hon. Maxwell Mwale, MP 19. Minister of Science, Technology and Vocational Training – Hon. Peter Daka, MP 20. Minister of Sport, Youth and Child Development – Hon. Kenneth Chipungu, MP 21. Minister of Tourism, Environment, Natural Resources – Hon. Catherine Namugala, MP 22. Minister of Works and Supply – Hon. Mike Mulongoti, MP

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