Business Incentives and Environment

The Zambian Government has designed a package of incentives aimed at specifically establishing a suitable environment for increased domestic industrial growth, export promotion, the development of market oriented production management and private sector development. The specific investment incentives can be obtained from the Zambia Development Agency (

Major Banks

Major banks facilitating commercial activities in Zambia include Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays Bank, Stanbic, Zambia National Commercial Bank, Citibank, and Finance Bank. Others are Cavmont Merchant Bank, Investrust Merchant Bank, Bank of China, First Alliance Bank, First National Bank, Eco Bank, Access Bank, Indo-Zambia Bank and United Bank of Africa.

Lusaka Stock Exchange

The Lusaka Stock Exchange (LuSE) has a number of companies listed, which has been playing a key role in fostering economic growth in Zambia in recent years. LuSE was established as part of the economic transformation of Zambian government’s economic reform programme to develop the financial and capital market in order to support the private sector. It is based on the most current international standards and practices. In order to ensure investor confidence, the rules and listings on the LuSE are backed by relevant legislation under the Securities Act which regulates the Zambia Securities market.

Several incentives are offered to investors by LuSE in order to promote rapid development of the capital market in Zambia. The unified market on LuSE consists of both bonds and equities. The Bond markets comprise both government and corporate bonds.